Since 2008, Damian Alexander-Hotep Dawson has served as a creative strategist for established and emerging companies in the sports and entertainment industry. He started with Warner Music Group in their radio department. Applying his promotional savvy from his time at Warner - Damian went on to lead several national radio campaigns for Live The Music Group and directed marketing, publicity, and social media for their roster. His next move was Senior Manager, Creator Relations for the $3.8 billion unicorn startup, StockX. Subsequently, Damian played a significant role in 1xRun's highest GMV in company history - leading their identity refresh as Director of Brand Marketing. He is an avid distance runner, meditation and yoga practicer, and unreasonable competitor while playing spades. He enjoys bowling and doesn't have any social media accounts. He also has been practicing sobriety since 2018 and doesn't own a television. He acknowledges that he has let the Vegan community down because of his achilles heel.... cheese. He will be attending Michigan State University for his Master of Arts in Psychology: Media and Information in the fall of 2021.


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